Monday, October 1, 2012

nothing similar

Exactly one year ago, I was living in a basement . . . someone else's basement.  Having moved across the country once & across that city yet again, I was in a job I loathed, working for a boss I who belittled me.  I was depressed . . . more depressed than I've ever been.  Technically it was "home" - meaning it's where I grew up.  But nothing felt like home, except the love of my parents.  I lost dear, dear friends.  I lost my community.  I lost my time at home with my kiddo.  I lost my desire to wake up in the morning.

Fast forward a year. 

Having moved for the third time in less than 10 months, we live in a beautiful apartment with great neighbors.  Dan is happily settled into his career.  Mahalia is enjoying Kindergarten at our neighborhood public school.  And me . . . I've started new friendships.  I've got a job that fits me amazingly well with a boss who truly appreciates what I bring to the table.  I love waking up every morning & can't wait for each day to start.  I am no longer depressed.  I finally feel like I'm home.  My heart is grateful.

In some ways, nothing is similar to last year - barely even a resemblance.  And yet I'm entirely the same me . . . just happier . . . and a fab new haircut.  

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